Member Benefits

As a network run by young female professionals, we want to create an opportunity to support and introduce members to like-minded people in a safe and informal environment

We aim to alleviate the notion of ‘imposter syndrome’ by building confidence when it comes to effective networking. There will be no more fear of walking into a crowded room and not knowing what to do next, as we will guide members through the process with ease, inspiring independent confidence.

Members will be introduced to a varied bank of industry professionals and influential people that they may not usually be able to easily connect with. This is a chance to make high quality referrals, leads to increasing business, or create partnerships with others 

In line with our personal development focus, we will act as a resource to help answer the questions that you have on professional capacity, but have never asked for various reasons. As part of this, our series of exclusive ‘She Does’ events will cover those tricky topics that aren’t widely addressed. Such events will be headed by influential female leaders who know it all too well

Members will be able to raise both their personal and business profile throughout the City Region. To further maximise exposure, members can also opt for the added bonus of including a business profile on the Future Boss Club website to allow other members to connect with at any time

Members will be given access to a wide range of exclusive discounts/offers from other members/partners of Future Boss Club.